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    The Institute of Translation Studies established in 2002 is a professional body of translators backed by eminent personalities in the field of translation. It is a not for profit body dedicated entirely to the promotion and development in the field of translation.  
    It is headed by Dr. Nirupama, President, an eminent writer under the guidance of Prof. L.S. Sheshagiri Rao, an authority on translation, Prof. G. Venkatasubbaiah, an eminent lexicologist and Sri V.N. Subba Rao, eminent journalist, Chairman, Madhyama Academi, Govt. of Karnataka  
Our Objectives :  
  To establish standards and norms in translation.  
  To cater to the needs of all those who require translation services.  
  To provide assistance to professional translators  
  To provide the service of authentication and certification for the translations executed.  
  To impart training and education in translation.  
  To develop infrastructure and human resources development in the field of translation  
Our Achievements :  
    The Institute being the only body dedicated entirely to the field of translation is engaged in various activities to further the cause of translation.  
  The Institute has enrolled more than 750 translators located all over the country  
  Service of translation, validation and authentication to a large number of Government and other reputed non-Government institutions are being benefited by the services of the institute  
  The Institute has conducted several translators meets, translation competitions to focus on the issues related to the discipline.  
  It has been providing education in translation. It has an enrollment of more than 125 students on its rolls for its various courses  
  The Institute has taken an initiative to appoint about 300 Translation Consultants all over the country to expand the scope of translation activities all over the country,  
  The Institute has been publishing a monthly periodical INDIAN TRANSLATOR, which is providing useful information to both the translators as well as translation users  
  Knowledge explosion, liberalization and globalization have brought along a sea of opportunities in various fields. It is therefore possible to look for job satisfaction, career opportunities, challenges and personal growth with a matching income in the field of translation

  In today’s scenario, translation has become a necessity in all walks of life. However, it is sad to note that much attention is not being paid to this art in modern educational institutions. The result is that even brilliant students fail to express their thoughts in another language in a proper manner.  
  The field of translation has begun to offer an attractive career for all those who have learnt languages. For those who wish to be free from the restrictions that come with an employment, this field offers an excellent freelance/part time activity.  
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